Terms and Conditions


When booking an appointment, the payment is made in full before completing the appropriate booking. Additional charges accrued will be invoiced to the client. 

Cancellations and Rescheduling

If weather is a constraint and the photographer is unable to initiate the job, rescheduling will be an option with you upon your request. We do however ask that you notify us by email or phone 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. For cancellations, a 24 hour notice is requested, for if a notice is not
given, the deposit of $40 will be forfeited.

Pre-shoot Preparation

  • Interior and exterior lights turned on
  • Ceiling fans turned off
  • Show best curb appeal of property as possible and remove trash cans
  • Pools, spa, and BBQ covers removed, water hoses, pool cleaner, toys and sports equipment put away
  • Avoid any construction work, cleaning, gardeners or repairs while photography is being conducted
  • Contain pets so they are not in the photos
  • Have beds made, shoes and clothes away, and counter tops neat and clean
  • Remove photographs, or personal items from the wall and kitchen refrigerator
  • If there is a drive-way or designated spot for automobiles, we do ask for amazing photos that they be removed before arrival


Please note that the photographer will photograph the present property address of booking and that present address only. If the property is located within an organized subdivision, condo, high-rise or gated community, the booking client will need to specify additional areas in-which they would like the photographer to photograph such as community pool, gate entry, commons area etc. If those areas are not mentioned in either the additional comments or while onsite, it is not 28 Photos responsibility to assume such is needed or wanted.


If the site for your photo shoot is within 40 miles of Downtown San Diego, there is no additional fees; however if the site of your photo shoot is more than 40 miles and less than 80 miles from downtown San Diego, there is a $25 fee. The client must select that option upon checking out. If not then that fee will be charged to the client before the appointment. 28 Photos is a San Diego based photography company and mainly photograph properties within San Diego county.


Clients interested in personalized property websites will only obtain one when booking photographs, 3D Virtual Tours and/or Real Estate Video together. If a photo shoot is purchased without a 3D virtual tour and/or Real Estate Video, a property website will not be included or provided


28 Photos prides itself on the quick turn around time to our clients. We assure that when booking services of photos and virtual tours, that your photos and virtual tour will be ready and available no later than the following morning (delivered be 11:59am) of the photo shoot. When booking videos, we will provide you with an edited video within 72 hours of your photo shoot. 


While photographing a residential or commercial space, the photographers main obligation is to turn on all lights, open any shades or curtains, and put down toilet seats. For amazing photos we do try to move trash baskets from kitchens and bathrooms, however for health concerns we ask that the property occupant and/or representative to move any additional items that they do not want to be present in the final photos. 

Property Website

We do provide a property website only when booked and purchased photos and virtual tour and/or real estate video. We will search for headshot of the person purchasing the order, along with the company logo. If we aren’t able to place on on the page, once received the finished product, you will have instructions to make any additional changes to your property website. If you would like to provide the photo and logo image for 28 Photos to place onto your page, you are able to do that as well.

Authorization onsite

By agreeing to the terms and conditions upon receiving your booked appointment and payment, the agent or whomever requesting photography and/or aerial services gives full permission to 28 photos. This agreement is between 28 photos and the hiring consumer and the consumer gives the authorization on behalf of any homeowner, property management, person/entity, tenant or anyone else residing at the property.

Media Rights and Licensing:

Upon full payment of the purchase, the photographs will be released from 28 photos and will become complete property of the consumer. Some media (photos, 3D virtual tours and video) would be used by 28 Photos promotions and portfolio.

Aerial Video Restrictions:

Our drone technicians/pilots are subject to the laws and regulations established by the FAA for aerial drones and therefore may not be able to fly lower than 50ft in some residential areas. Keep in mind in certain areas such as Miramar military airspace and Lindbergh field or any other airport or military field is a no fly zone.

All services are final upon complete payment.